social media marketing und SEO hannover wolfsburg

Our Marketing Tools

from social media marketing to event management

Tailor-made social media marketing for highest quality demands.

Focused on the true nature and character of our partners, to authentically establish and maintain an honest, deep and long-term relationship between customer and your company. We aim to enhance the attributes that make our customers unique and place them in the adequate channel of communication. To achieve this, it is imperative to understand every customer has something different that makes him unique and thus has unique needs and requirements.

Homepages & SEO

You are practically non-existant without a website today. We expose you to the world. Furthermore we take care that your website will be easily & properly found in google searches. Keeping it simple for you and your potential customers.

Social Media Management

Taking care of your social media channels making sure, that what makes you unique is transported to the right people in the right way and not just everyone, wasting your's and their time and money. Which media platform does make sense for your company? Which doesn't? We'll find out.

Media Content

We produce advertisement, image, documentaries and branding videos about you and your company to give it a personal character and a friendly face. We also take care of photos, web content and other videos, or whatever comes to your mind. Even if you just need the raw material, you've come to the right place here.


Events that enhance the character of your brand and create deep, personal and long-term connection between you and your customers. Charging a brand emotionally is the goal, a well planned and executed event is the tool. From exclusive patron events to events that create attention for your company or product. Event marketing is always unique.

Who the hell do you think we are?!

We’ve known each other for an eternity now and it all began with three best friends founding a band. To stay independent and up-to-date permanently, we managed to acquire loads of knowledge and skills in social media, web-design, event management and media production. From this arose the idea to use our skills and creativity to help others. This is how noisebird media was created.

We are open-minded towards all ideas and there is no such thing as bad moods and no room for negativity. And this is exactly what we want to represent in our work and communicate towards our customers. Honest and long-term cooperation our customers and we profit of, is imperative to us.

social media marketing und SEO hannover wolfsburg


Marc Schulz

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